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CRY BABIES MAGIC TEARS 12 cute surprise babies

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Cry Babies Magic Tears: 12 cute surprise babies!
Cry Babies dolls became a real international hit, quickly finding the love of children of all ages in different countries of the world.
Cry Babies are popular on YouTube: kids love their colorful, animated adventures, featured regularly in new episodes of Cry Babies Magic Tears.
Cry Babies Magic Tears are smaller versions of last year's Cry Babies dolls, delicate toddlers devoid of electronics and created for classic, barrier-free creative play.
Each doll is packed in its own Cry Babies Home available in different colors.
The doll is not visible, so the children do not know who is waiting for them inside until they unpack the box.
Open the house and find out which doll is hiding inside!
There are 12 characters in the collection, plus there is also one rare doll, and each cute baby doll comes with a total of 8 accessories.
Some capsules contain special gold accessories! If you're lucky, you'll find rare accessories like a gold pacifier or a bow!
Each Cry Babies Magic Tears Fantasy doll is dressed up like some kind of animal.
You can pour water into the bottle and give the baby a drink, and the babies will be able to cry real tears (when squeezed onto the tummy).
Babies have movable arms and legs, they can sit.

The composition and features of the kit:
Cry Babies Magic Tears Fantasy series surprise crying mini doll
Made of soft plastic, it has movable arms and legs.
Crying with multicolored tears
Accessories incl. chair, stroller, bottle with wings, blanket, pacifier, glasses, scarf, stickers or other accessories
Some kits include a diamond-effect accessory.
The doll makes no sounds
The houses are presented in two colors, which we send at random.
Surprise doll - you never know what kind of doll you will find
Collectible poster

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